Lucas GR
Lucas GR Před 7 hodinami
You americans MUST be REALLY careful what you do with unemployment benefits. If you go Argentina's way, you'll regret it. BADLY.
Jeff Hough
Jeff Hough Před 7 hodinami
Churches need to go we dont need fairytales to know right from wrong only open discussion
Desiree C
Desiree C Před 7 hodinami
now they’re asking people to pay that back
ynmp22 B
ynmp22 B Před 7 hodinami
Market systems that rely on poverty, need to go away. poverty is a bigger threat than China's military to the US.
SneeMcLee Před 7 hodinami
You know, I like re watching these and it being 3 years later, I just want to say wow as a 22 year old I am absolutely gob smacked
Suzette Uriarte
Suzette Uriarte Před 7 hodinami
too bad i just found this now, a year late. already lost money and a dear friend to usana :(
PRIVACY Two Před 7 hodinami
The gabby join ethnically sniff because south africa precisely bang round a harsh profit. unaccountable, easy giraffe
Nick Gangone
Nick Gangone Před 7 hodinami
Rick Scott is a huge piece of shit, I didn't even need that clip to know that information. I bet you didn't either.
Tyler Struss
Tyler Struss Před 7 hodinami
"When you're hungry you'll find a way to eat" - Laura Ingram "So for the bread and butter I leave n***** in the gutter Huh, word to mother, I'm dangerous Crazier than a bag of f*****g angel dust When I bust my gat, mothaf****s take dirt naps I'm all that, and a dime sack, where the paper at?" - Biggie
Anthony Emering
Anthony Emering Před 7 hodinami
Don't worrt, with Biden as President Americans will become very familiar with the unemployment processes and procedures. Just ask the XL pipeline workers.
Marleigh Flowers
Marleigh Flowers Před 7 hodinami
love more attention is being brought to this. im definitely lucky to be living at home but as i lost my job last fall and texas started requiring 3 weekly work searches in december, i couldn’t keep up and lost unemployment. im just burning through savings and still not employed.
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
Chris Pirillo Is Eboola Před 7 hodinami
Play dems shutting down everything, forcing people to rely on free govt checks
Richie Před 7 hodinami
They'll blame immigrants before blaming Elmo.
David S
David S Před 7 hodinami
If you’re looking for work try looking into the trades. Just saying might be a good door to open if you’re looking for decent money and a career path.
Tracy Jones
Tracy Jones Před 7 hodinami
Connect it to the federal minimum wage being increased only $5.65 in the last 50 (FIFTY) YEARS!
Space JAGA
Space JAGA Před 7 hodinami
USA USA USA!!! First country in the world at being third world country.
Careonovam Před 7 hodinami
Okay, i shall find a way to eat. Can someone give me directions to her house ? Her fride is fully loaded, I'm quite sure of that.
Daniel Pérez
Daniel Pérez Před 7 hodinami
“When you’re hungry, you’ll find a way to eat” Says the privileged person who has never fought for anything in her life. We can assume "who" was her "dear" mother referring to when she said that bullcrap.
David R. García C.
David R. García C. Před 7 hodinami
Guys we all need is discipline. Unemployment in the US is like middle in class in Latin America. Dont cry
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson Před 8 hodinami
New 2021 unemployment policy: you only get unemployment money if you were laid off and got a perfect SAT score in high school
Ruphk RK
Ruphk RK Před 8 hodinami
I'm just here waiting for my unemployment benefits since June 2020, no work no gvt help even though it's my 1st time applying for unemployment in my lifetime... Not matter if I served in the military. The kentucky gvt just don't care
Brandon S.
Brandon S. Před 8 hodinami
omg so funny, I was chuckling along many of his jokes but when he gets to Florida, at 14:35 and says "Florida's previous governor, and slenderman understudy...Rick Scott"...I lost it. I love it. you got a new subscriber tonight. (first time viewer, was recommended via a private FB for Unemployment I am in)
Yasmin M
Yasmin M Před 8 hodinami
That part at 6:55 when the guys in the office started playing with nerf guns has me so triggered because I literally experienced that where a department of all men who constantly got preferential treamtnet in the office (they had a separate staff kitchen with better coffee and a much better stocked fridge, etc.) decided to bring nerf guns to hte office to play with sometimes.. and for MONTHS they would run around and shoot at each other and so often those bullets would hit me while I'm trying to work because unfortunately my desk was near their department. I complained so many times to HR and nothing was done. I fucking hate men.
Tiffany Clark
Tiffany Clark Před 8 hodinami
It is totally Elmo's fault. Also, is Elmo biracial? Because if he is, I was today years old when...
Hobbit Stomper
Hobbit Stomper Před 8 hodinami
Donald J. Trump Donald Jobless Trump - "Trevor Noah"
Eugen Euu
Eugen Euu Před 8 hodinami
kevin lee
kevin lee Před 8 hodinami
I see now how unemployment can b related to voting problems
Robby S
Robby S Před 8 hodinami
Can you believe people thought 2016 was the worst year ever? Cause it got a whole lot worse with 2020.
Coorhagon Před 8 hodinami
People need to band together in Florida and file a class action lawsuit against the unemployment office and the state of Florida.
Amy Wasserman
Amy Wasserman Před 8 hodinami
The idea that getting an unemployment check keeps people from trying to find work is just dumb. I found myself unable to find a job for over a year at one point despite actively applying every day. I had years of experience and a degree. What chance do others that don’t have those advantages have?
much wow
much wow Před 8 hodinami
I sure that “Dan” is rich af and driving a Lambo now.
pepe sanchez
pepe sanchez Před 8 hodinami
These shows are becoming unwatchable. What a twat!
GFish 17
GFish 17 Před 8 hodinami
Walmart has Standards😆🤣 I work there! FUCK WALMART 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marcus Antonius
Marcus Antonius Před 8 hodinami
Cult leaders, sex offenders, church...say often something about or like we are a family. Or my family. Do not know exactly but what about R. Kelly? M. Jackson (man loved him and sometimes still do or better I feel sorry for his wonderful by press terrorized daughter)...?CPAC?
F Před 8 hodinami
Show me you have black writers without saying you have black writers
Misty M. Kirby, PhD
Misty M. Kirby, PhD Před 8 hodinami
Filed in Michigan on 1 October. Still waiting.
Chuck Stark
Chuck Stark Před 8 hodinami
Wish I had an index fund that paid like some State's unemployment tax. Damn!
Patriots Vs Everybody
Patriots Vs Everybody Před 8 hodinami
Name needs to be changed to "The Binge" with John Oliver.
Spasmodic76 Před 8 hodinami
This is by far the best I've ever seen him on his show. This shit was hilarious 😂😂😂
Tiny Giraffes
Tiny Giraffes Před 8 hodinami
I am not an economist but unemployment insurance does increase unemployment. Note I added that first part because economics are complex and there could be other factors but he said unemployment insurance lowers unemployment and that is not true. Go look it up on Google scholar
Mr. J
Mr. J Před 8 hodinami
Oh America how you have raised me... I'm Black, I know that the original voice actor for Elmo was also Black. Why was I shocked that there was evidence that Elmo's parents were Black. Well you know culturally Black seeing as how they are imaginary yellow red and other colored muppet monsters. The only thing more shocking than the revelation that Elmo's parents were Black was Oliver's flawless monologue on Black hair. If you didn't notice his monologue on Black hair you probably don't have enough Black friends.
Branjo Snow
Branjo Snow Před 8 hodinami
Ingram, a fully automatic 'spray and pray' weapon, and also there's a gun with that name too.
J Reve
J Reve Před 8 hodinami
America the land of scammers, Karma
David Madill
David Madill Před 8 hodinami
Me seeing the topic: "yeah we have a terrible system here in KY. Wonder if it will come up". First news video clip: "yeah that sums it up"
Grizzly Adams
Grizzly Adams Před 8 hodinami
9:00 how astute of you to reference a quote from 2014, when we weren't in the midst of a Pandemic. When generalized, her comments make sense. At least in my State there are too many people who are too lazy to get a job, and would rather look for a handout. The WIC (food stamps) system is another concern. I remember working for a local grocery store. Watching a couple buy $100 worth of alcohol with straight cash, then turn around and spend another $200 in food stamps on nothing but meat.
Cristina M Leoni
Cristina M Leoni Před 8 hodinami
Anyone else learning English watching John Oliver's show? ❤
Alan Schildroth
Alan Schildroth Před 8 hodinami
#BusJumpingForUnemployment Sometimes it feels like that
James Gibson
James Gibson Před 8 hodinami
You'll find a way to eat... the rich.
Hunter Garvey
Hunter Garvey Před 8 hodinami
The different foam anteriorly attract because pencil ultrastructually scribble for a versed transport. lucky, weary power
WaywardGoddess Před 8 hodinami
I find it ironic that the AT&T building here in Nashville looks like the Tower of Mordor with how evil they are lol
WWZenaDo Před 8 hodinami
Those greedy fools yammering about people who have been fired shouldn't get unemployment benefits - that creates a huge loophole that unscrupulous employers will use to disqualify any employees that they discard to avoid any unemployment claims. I was personally discarded before the three-month trial period was up, at least twice, when I was a young employee (and without a college degree of any sort). I was without a college degree because my idiot parents had beaten me into an American fundie Christian cult that strongly discouraged higher education (another reason the power of American fundie/evangelical Christianity needs to be erased in the USA). On at least one of those jobs where I was fired I was warned ahead of time (in secret by the sympathetic office manager) that the company had long used that method to avoid bringing people on permanently, using the hopeful applicants as extremely low-paid and no-benefits temporary workers.
AV Gaming
AV Gaming Před 8 hodinami
So everyone just gonna ignore the fact that John here is part of the "Tupac is Alive" movement?
Danyelle Davis
Danyelle Davis Před 8 hodinami
Wow she looks amazing!
Platte puss
Platte puss Před 8 hodinami
I live in my states capital. We found out 7 years ago that most of the tax information and the entire property tax system was still on Windows 95. Not 98, not Vista not even 2000. This was spring and summer of 2014. They still haven't upgraded. The website is ancient and hasn't been updated since 2008. I live in Lansing, Michigan, USA. Also it took our lovely property tax people 3 months to figure out a way to actually pay our property taxes last year. They were due on February 14. We finally got them paid in June. We had the money all that time. I complained that I refused to pay any late fees on my envelope. Which they tagged on in April. When we got the receipt they didn't charge the late fees. They at least got that fixed. Oh, BTW, their solution was to do a dropbox at the sheriff's office that only had a single camera watching it.
Kevonte Daniels
Kevonte Daniels Před 8 hodinami
The unemployment chaos is why police departments are gearing up like the army. They know where people are gonna go when shit get real.
Wolffsrain Před 8 hodinami
The problem is people keep voting for Republicans. I live in Florida and I keep seeing idiots doing the same mistakes over and over again. Democrats are crooks as well, so I really don't know what the solution is.
Erin Sherman
Erin Sherman Před 8 hodinami
It would be interesting to see before/after crime statistics in areas that were most severely affected by adding hurdles to the application process. Presumably some people said “to hell with it” and turned to crime to make ends meet.
Allen Kinahan
Allen Kinahan Před 8 hodinami
Thank you!! I left a job, my favorite job, due to the fact the Michigan system is so screwed it wasn't worth subjecting myself to five months off work every year (greenhouse/seasonal) spending the entire time on the phone with a automated monster. Far too stressful. REVAMP THE SYSTEM.
Msyme90 Před 8 hodinami
Oliver points out 1099 workers dont get unemployment benefits and says they make up a large portion of the work force. Correct, but why has it become more popular for employers to not have W2 employees and replace them with 1099s?... Once you figure this out you'll understand the problem a lot better. I believe in unemployment and helping people for sure and I have even benefited from it before. Most of us probably know someone that has. But do not kid yourself... there are drug dealers and a lot of lazy fucks riding on the back of the working class. Everyone has problems, but some of us do something about it while the others cry to the government for help.
sdfkjgh Před 8 hodinami
14:32 "Vestigial tail"? Is that what we're calling the wang now?
munchfacedoom Před 8 hodinami
Drug test Congress. Bet you most won't pass.
Foundations Medical Informatics
Foundations Medical Informatics Před 8 hodinami
Laura Ingram: “When you’re hungry you’ll find a way to eat” -Crime Rate Increases- Laura Ingram: *Shocked Pickachu Face*
A P Před 8 hodinami
wish all of my racist conservative family would watch this and actually take it in. i've had to address the myth of the welfare queen with them every single holiday for years.
Pete Johnson
Pete Johnson Před 8 hodinami
Why doesn't our government care? Because people like you have no voice in it. If you did the government would be much better.
Sky Lark
Sky Lark Před 8 hodinami
Utterly shameful.
David Shula
David Shula Před 8 hodinami
Maybe Lamar Alexander close 2nd and of course our beloved Jimmy Quillen hmm sound familiar all republicans
Jorge J Noguera
Jorge J Noguera Před 8 hodinami
Go home boy, be an idiot in GB we don't need your help to be stupid.
Kylandris87 Před 8 hodinami
Please take a look at disability benefits too!!!! It's a total nightmare mess with the best possible outcome being poverty.
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Před 8 hodinami
Definitely true about NC, after the last time someone hung up on me I just gave up
David Shula
David Shula Před 8 hodinami
Ron Ramsay is probably the most corrupt man in Tennesee
Cassie H
Cassie H Před 8 hodinami
That thumbnail with the person lost in the maze is the most accurate representation of unemployment I have ever seen
foxybiroxy Před 8 hodinami
Lol, they must have gotten some black writers. That Elmo,’s mom hair bit was priceless.
BLK MN Před 8 hodinami
That explains why it was basically pointless for me to try applying for unemployment. Thanks florida.
Darkest Argentum
Darkest Argentum Před 8 hodinami
Macklemore wrote Thriftshop solely so that wearing thrift store clothes was disigmatised
Ib Christensen
Ib Christensen Před 8 hodinami
Well, that's neoliberalism in a nutshell...
Marcus Antonius
Marcus Antonius Před 8 hodinami
WOW 14mios views. A very good episode btw. And a reminder how Hillary chooses the wrong way. Went after the wrong person. AND H THE GOP‘s witch-hunt. Impeachment fuckery. They love witch-hunt and cancelling things and persons. And with COVID lies and misinformation they cancelled more lives than girls I had sex with. And that were a lot 😂
David Shula
David Shula Před 8 hodinami
Florida and Tennessee are shit holes
E bailey
E bailey Před 8 hodinami
Hunger makes people listen to extremists. That is what my dad tells me. My dad or aba. Ok he is a jew who survived nazi Germany. And then came to the USA and retired from the Air force. So she can go ξηφφτυηξ herself. That is not a real word just me mashing my keyboard in Greek.
David Shula
David Shula Před 8 hodinami
This is deliberate
Patrick Branchini
Patrick Branchini Před 8 hodinami
I'm part of the problem. Fine. Just get the fuck off of Macklemore.